Organize your Thin Cuts (dies)

Organize your Thin Cuts (dies)

I totally lifted this idea from one of my uplines, Karen Morris,  and I love it!   Don’t we all  *love* organization! And you have to *love* CTMH Thin Cuts! Having  your Thin Cuts collection organized in a binder where you can grab and use them is sure to make you happy.  T his are pictures of her albums and how she does it.

Most CTMH Thin Cuts are packaged on a 4×6″ magnetic sheets. Do you know how brilliant this is?  You have to buy the magnetic sheets for any other dies you have!   Karen simply trimmed less than 1/4″ off the long side of the storage sheet so it slides in easily to the Everyday Life ™ Memory Protectors.  How awesome is this??

Ready to organize your collection? Here’s what you’ll need:
Z3192, 4″x6″ Memory Protectors (pkg of 10), $6.95

Then select the album of your choice:
Z9996, Bashful Everyday Life Album, $14.95
Z9979, Stripes Everyday Life Album, $14.95

And top off your organizing with Z4127, Label Holders (set of 2), $4.95.

I can’t wait to order my album and protectors to get this done!  =)  Happiness!

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August is an amazing month!  Here are the links to all of the great specials:

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Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet.   Hope this tip for organizing your thin cuts helps you out.  Be sure to not miss out on an entry in the Great Cricut Giveaway, the Stamp of The Month for $5.00, and two Workshops of your choice if your order is over $50.00!!

Mess of a Desk Workspace Wonders

Mess of a Desk – Workspace Wonders


Does anyone have a desk that looks like this periodically?  Some of the time? Most of the time?  Always?  Sometimes I find “my space” is the “catch all space” where everything no one is sure of where it goes, puts it in my space.  About every two weeks I have dig myself out.   Can anyone else relate to this?

So I began to sort out things because my motto or theme for this year is “Just Do It”.  So instead of looking at it or shoving it somewhere else, I’m dealing with it.  So when this order came in and had some of my Workspace Wonders…what a sigh of relief.  Some direction.

I am so grateful for Workspace Wonder when they came out.  What a great, great idea and it helps so much to have spaces for the tools you use the most!  So I took the above and worked on getting into this:

Is it perfect?  Not yet.  Definitely doing it though.  Sorting out all that stuff so I can see and work.  Did you know that you can host a gathering and get a Workspace Wonder bundle 50% off?

What a fantastic deal!  Host your gathering – online/catalog show, Facebook show, or in-home gathering (your house or mine) and with a $250 gathering, you can get this as your 50% bundle!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this inspires you to sort a pile or two in your workspace!

Love this organizers!

I just got in my new roll-up organizers and I have to say I love them! What a great idea!!15-ai-marker-rollupThe marker roll-up will fit both the ShinHan and Copic Markers and holds 25 of them.15-ai-rollup-with-charmsI have two of the accessory roll-ups.  One for my base and bling as shown above and one for embellishments. you can get either of the organizers for $18.95 and get something free when you do!  15-ai-accessory-rollupDuring the August Get Organized campaign, when you purchase either or both of the roll-ups, you will get FREE items! A lovely  new stamp set with the marker roll-up.1508-cc-get-organized-marker-us_ca

And free base and bling sheets when you purchase the accessory roll-up:1508-cc-get-organized-accessory-us_caThese organizers are super useful and I think we’ll find more things to keep in them.  Gets your today when you can get additional free items!!  shopnow

New EXCLUSIVE Cricut Cartridge – Artistry! Free Shipping and more August Excitement!

Welcome to a new awesome Cricut Cartridge from the partnership between CTMH and Cricut: Artistry!! I’m so super excited. In addition, if you have the Cricut Explorer or Air, you can purchase the images only for Design Space! Things keep getting better and better. =) 1507-cricut-artistry-flyer-us my site

Artistry 1


Art work…isn’t it lovely???

Artistry ArtworkAristry descriptionArtistry pricing


As usual, for the first month of the launch, I offer FREE shipping on any orders for this during the month of August. Please email directly to arrange for this.  In addition to free shipping, I’m offering the SOM FREE as it’s an CTMH Artistry set!!  I am unable to credit money back to orders that are placed or order the SOM for you if you place the order yourself.  This offer is good only through myself, not through CTMH or any other consultant.

Here’s the SOM images – check back tomorrow for some artwork:

SOM images

Another exciting offer is our “Get Organized”! CTMH is launching their new organizers in August, a month early.  I love my marker roll-up that I got at Convention and am super excited everyone can get these a month early.  When you purchase one, you’ll get a free goodie from CTMH!


When you purchase the Marker Roll-Up, you’ll get a brand new stamp set FREE:


When you order the new Accessory Organizer, you’ll get   FREE!!


Have you been a CTMH Consultant before between January 2013 and now? The Welcome Back Campaign is for you!!  During the Month of August, all previous consultants from January 2013 forward can rejoin CTMH for $49.00!!  We know you don’t need everything so we gave you some of the basics and skipped the rest you don’t need!

Welcome with words Collage


Be a Host/Hostess and earn FREE Product!  I’m looking for people who’d like to get a group of friends and family together and have FUN!  In August, we’ll have a theme “Let’s Have a Party”.  We’ll get together, create something fun, and enjoy each other’s company and some food.  Nothing is more fun spending time together and getting free crafting or scrapbooking products!!  In September, my theme for the shows will be “Chocolate”.  The first three hostesses to sign up for each month will get an extra special treat from me!!  Contact me!!

Open House:  Mark your calendar for September 19, 2015 from 12-6. We’ll be having a drop-in Open House to welcome in the 2015/16 Annual Inspirations Idea Book (AIIB) and Holiday Expressions (HE)!!  Earn tickets for RSVPing (and get a New Idea Book Survival Kit), for bringing new to me friends, for every $25.00 you purchase or order  (I’ll have cash and carry), for signing up to host an event, and/or joining my team.  Fill out a scavenger hunt from the new AIIB and HE.  Have some food.  Do the free make and take.  Win a door prize or two!  RSVP NOW!

AI HE cover pic

So many exciting opportunities this month with a new Cricut Cartridge, the wonderful organizers, and the ability to rejoin the CTMH for $49.00!  There is something for everyone in the month of August.

Deal of the Day, All April!!

Deal of the day is back and I’m so excited!!  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the grab bags/boxes.  I just loved getting in the boxes when they came because you never knew what you were going to get and I was never disappointed!!  Fun, fun!  This is how it works:


Love a great deal? How about 30 days of great deals? During the month of April, you have the opportunity to score a deal every day with Close To My Heart! What deals are we talking about? Each day during April, while supplies last, we’ll feature a random grab bag filled with current and retired Close To My Heart products available for purchase at a major discount. To grab your bag, simply place any current, full-priced item in your online shopping cart through your Online Business Address and you will be eligible to purchase as many grab bags as you wish (while supplies last)! Grab bags will be featured at five different price points throughout the month. Some grab bags will contain product with more than DOUBLE the retail value of the price you pay! Grab bags will be available for 24 hours starting at 3 pm MDT each day and only while supplies last—so visit often and early! Remember that grab bag tiers will be featured on a random schedule throughout the month, so seize the opportunity to purchase from the grab bag tier you’re interested in when it becomes available because it might not come around again!

What’s included in the grab bags?  It’s a big surprise, but this much we will tell you: grab bags will feature a mix of current and retired product. Five grab bag tiers will be available at random times throughout the month, but not all grab bags within a given price point will contain the same product. The price tiers are as follows:

  • $35 USD/$55 CAD Grab Bags (On average, a $70 USD/$75 CAD value!)
  • $50 USD/$65 CAD Grab Bags (On average, a $90 USD/$92 CAD value!)
  • $75 USD/$85 CAD Grab Bags (On average, a $140 USD/$145 CAD value!)
  • $115 USD/$125 CAD Grab Bags (On average, a $240 USD/$250 CAD value!)
  • $150 USD/$160 CAD Grab Bags (On average, a $325 USD/$335 CAD value!)

When are grab bag’s available Every day, starting at 3:00pm MDT, a new grab bag will become available for as long as supplies last.  If they run out in two hours, they are gone until the next day at 3:00pm MDT.  Be sure to check back daily.  Add something regular price to your cart and you’ll see what bags come up.  You can decide to go through with the purchase  or how many grab bags you want, once you see this.  =)  So much fun!!

Seasonal Expressions 2 (aka SE@2) has been released!  I love, love the entire supplement!!  You can look at it online, download the PDF to your computer for viewing, order something and add it to your cart for FREE, or I can mail it to you.  If you need me to mail it, please email me with your address!!

1504-maincarousel-seasonal-expressions-usHave a creatively beautiful day!!

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The Amazing Rolling Tote!

The amazing rolling tote from CTMH  is huge!  I honestly don’t thing there is another scrapbooking tote as BIG as it is.   You should see how many different ways you can use our organizers with it.  Have you seen it?  It’s difficult to find a tote with all the space ours has.  You can put so much just in the main compartment using our small, medium, and large organizers.   There are 2 side pockets (large enough to put your 12″ cutter and more in them).  There is a front pocket where you can put your 12″x12″ papers and more..  They even made a matching shoulder bag to go with it!  The shoulder bag will hold a post-bound scrapbook in it or it can be your purse!  I love both of mine.  Check out this video to see the shoulder bag and rolling tote!

It’s so big we can put SG in it! The tote is 22″ tall.  She’ll be 7 in a month and wants her own one for playing hide and go seek!
sg in tote

Do you know anything about our organizers?   Here’s another great video to show you just have great your supplies will look in our organizers!! With three different sizes, you can stash just about anything in them. We’ve even discovered you can put our foam inserts, designed for the small organizers, in the lids of all the organizers (with double sided stick tape), essentially allowing you to get more bang for your dollar!

Our large organizer is super to hold our stamps and so much more!

The tote can accommodate 22″ of organizers. The height of the Large Organizer (Z1834) is 8″, the Medium Organizer (Z4139) is 5.5″ and the Small Organizer (Z4138) is 2.75″ (2 small = 1 medium in space). Here are some combinations you can use:

2 Large / 1 Medium
2 Large / 2 Small
1 Large / 2 Medium / 1 Small
1 Large / 1 Medium / 3 Small
4 Medium
3 Medium / 2 Small
2 Medium / 4 Small
1 Medium / 6 Small

Would you like to get your rolling tote for free?? When you join my team with CTMH in March, you will get the matching shoulder bag for free (while supplies last) and place $300.00 in orders in your first 40 days, you will get this amazing tote FREE (no matter what) with the “Rolling in the Rewards” campaign!!.


 Learn more about joining my team or join today!!

Here’s to creative organizing!!

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Oh, yes…..Totes are back!!!

The totes are out  BACK!  It’s totally understandable AWESOME!  Watching this awesome, awesome video showing you how neat these totes are!

It’s so wonderful they are back.   Getting one of these totes is a great deal because if add a sponge for $1.25,  you are instantly eligible for hostess gifts ($25.00) with the purchase of the rolling tote!  How wonderful is that?

Better yet?  Gather a few orders and get to $250 for  your home show and get the tote as a half off item!!  That seriously rocks!!

In addition to the  free hostess credit, I had offered FREE shipping if you ordered the tote on or by December 15, 2014.  Since you can’t do that with them unavailable, I will honor that once they are available if you are on my list!!

Here are pictures again:

rolling tote

Rolling tote!! Love the bling!!

shoulder tote

Cute Shoulder Tote













Hugs and happy dreaming of totes to come!! Blog: Shop:

New Rolling Tote and Shoulder Bag!!

The new Rolling Tote  and Shoulder Bag  ~ They are here just in time for Christmas!  Absolute LOVE the teal chevrons and it goes fantastically with the 31 Navy Lots a Dots pattern!! Looks hot! Put these on your Christmas wish list and order quickly!! Order by December 15th for FREE Shipping through me (call me or email me your order .Here are the links to check these out:

rolling tote

Our New Rolling Tote!

shoulder tote

Our New Shoulder Bag!!

Hosting an online order or a home gathering this month? 50% off item if they are still available from the first shipment with a gathering over $250 or both if your gathering is $450!!  So doing the happy dance that these are out before Christmas!!  =)

Hugs and happy creating!! Blog: Shop: