Why CTMH and WWStampettes?

Why CTMH? Here are some thoughts for your consideration!!

2016 Connected Hearts Convention picture

  • Debt Free. Close to My Heart is a debt-free company with a sound business plan.  They have been in business for 36 years.  CTMH is in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand!
  • Industry Leader. Close to My Heart is an industry leader in the crafting community.  They provide 3 Idea Books throughout the year so they stay abreast of the trends and changes!  As a consultant, you get new product 1 month before our customers do.
  • Diverse Product Line. Close to My Heart provides a diverse product line: acrlix stamps, papers, inks, cards, scrapbooking, and paper crafting for a wide audience appeal.
  • Preview Periods. You will be able to order new product one month before it comes out. This is truly the best! I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see that box delivered!!
  • The World Wide Stampettes (aka WWStampettes) is a long standing team in Close to My Heart. We have a Team group where we support, encourage, share, and help each other on a regular basis through Facebook. I enjoy each of my team members as each are unique and special whether they are supporting their crafting through the discount, being a Hobbiest, or a Business Builder.  If you are in my first downline, I have an exclusive FB group just for you for added incentives, giveaways, and fun.  All are welcome!!
  • Community.  We are part of a huge community of paper crafting paper crafting buddies, Connected Hearts and the Dream Team, that are willing to share ideas! I have made friendships which are beyond measure through Close To My Heart.  These two groups are my upline and their FB groups provide amazing support.
  • Commission.  Close To My Heart offers a generous commission along with monthly product rewards according to sales.  Your base commission is always 22% and you get this upfront (no waiting to be paid).  Based on your monthly sales you can earn over-rides up to 13% – allowing you to earn 35% on your base sales.  Build a team and the plan is even more generous!!
  • Close To My Heart offers loads of training and support.  This is available through an online academy, videos, MP3 listening library, Facebook groups, and events. You can find answers and support for business, creative, and personal development. It’s awesome! Training is updated all the time, allowing us to be on top of the industry.  I offer team events in my home.
  • Seasonal Launch Events and Yearly Conventions. Next year’s National Convention will be in Provo, Utah, in July and we’ll be celebrating 36+ years with CTMH!  I can’t wait!  The Launch Events are all around providing consultants from all areas the opportunity to participate in a training event for an evening at an affordable rates and you get to purchase the product packet used so it counts towards your minimumsdt. There are Album Retreats to help keep us trained on the latest techniques and tools and Team Builder events for those focused on growing their team!
  • Opportunity to earn Incentive Trips! I have earned several trips now:  2004, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Tax deductible crafting! Everything you buy to make samples is tax deductible.  Everything you make is a sample for your business.  Have another business?  I have an in-home family child care. I try to purchase as much of the craft materials for this business through CTMH.
  • Your Business Your Way.  And finally – the opportunity to have a home-based business where you are in control, running your business the way that you choose! I love this because it allows me to put things in the correct perspective: God, my family, then my business. This perspective has blessed me beyond measure.

More reasons? Check out these videos:

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Memory Keeping Matters:

Is there training and support?

Can I Make Money?

Can I have fun? Here’s a clip from the Home Office as part of the show put on for consultants at the Annual Convention in 2012.

So now you’ve see “why CTMH”.  Come and join our fun today!!