Everything (well almost) is Retiring!

Everything (well almost) is Retiring!

One day left of August and that means 24 hours before the Annual Inspirations and Seasonal Expressions 2 will be retiring!  While there is excitement for the new product up and coming, it’s time to pull out the Annual Inspiration and Seasonal Expressions 2 for one more look through to make sure you have what you need or want!   Check out this blog post from CTMH that shows everything that is retiring, here.    

Don’t forget about that awesome clearance section as well.  I checked it out and there are still some amazing deals, especially with some stamp and die combos for those of you who love the dies that match your stamp sets.   I noticed that two “How To” books are still there – Reflections and Originals.  They both cover your basics and are a must have.


Amazing August Things To Remember!

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet and letting me take a little .  There is a lot retiring tomorrow.  Be sure to check out it out one last time before it’s gone!

Flash Sale Starting Today at 5pm EDT

Flash Sale This Weekend

We’re kicking off 2018 with a 24-hour flash sale on my shopping website this weekend! The sale will begin at 3:00 pm (MST)/ 5:00 pm ESTon Friday, January 12, and end at 3:00 pm (MST) on Saturday, January 13! As with our previous flash sales, there are a few things to be aware of regarding this sale:

  • Sale prices are only available on orders placed on my Consultant website, while supplies last.
  • The sale features current products, and we have a limited number of these items set aside for the sale. It’s likely that we will sell through this designated amount for several of the items in the sale, and once we do, that item will no longer be available, so shop early! However, any items that sell out during the sale will return to availability at normal price once the sale has ended.
  • Shipping and handling is based on the full retail value of the sale items.
  • There is no grace period for ordering sale items.

Set a reminder on your calendar for tomorrow at 3:00pm MST/5:00pm EST.  Last time, items sold out quickly!!

Seasonal Expressons 1 2018 FREE with your order!

Now that Seasonal Expressions 1 is officially live to everyone, when you place an order on my shopping website , it will automatically have a free copy of the new Seasonal Expressions 1 idea book added to your order if you have not already gotten one. There is a limit of one free copy of this idea book for each customer or Consultant, so those who already received a free copy will not have one added to their order. You will be able to confirm that the free copy has been added by checking the receipt for the order after it has been submitted.

January things to keep in mind:

Thanks for stopping by to checkout my creative world. Set your alarm and get ready for the flash sale!  I can’t wait to see what’s on sale myself.  Run into trouble?  I’m here to help you out – give me a call or email me: info@lindacreates.com!!

November’s Just For Fun – up to 40% off

November’s Just For Fun – up to 40% off.

November is a full of nostalgia! It’s the month of Thanksgiving.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to look back on life and find the things that make you smile.  Those sweet memories of your past.  Grandma’s pie.  Visiting the drug store to get comic books.  Hikes.  Family gatherings.  Birth of child. Watching a child sleep.  Family activities.  Sometimes those memories are not so sweet but oh so important to your fabric of life.  The loss of child or parent.  Rough times in a marriage, job, or with your health.  Some memories are bittersweet – moving, new job, new friends.  They are all significant!  Use this month’s Fundamental Special to stock up on the basics you need for everyday scrapbooking or cardmaking.  Take some time to scrap book those sweet nostalgic memories!   Here are the links to all of the great specials:

Just for fun – 40% off Fundamental Bundles – Amazing!

It’s our monthly special.  Everyone’s life as a foundation and the fundamentals are the base of our crafting supplies.  You can use them with all the seasonal paper packs.  They work for every day life and preserving all of those nostalgic memories stored on your phone or computer!


Overview: The Just for FUN campaign is all about Fundamentals! You can take part in the “fun” with discounts on Fundamentals paper packets, Complements, and ribbon packs! There are two ways to save during the month of November.

  • First, you can purchase Fundamentals products individually at 30% off the retail price.
  • Second, purchase a Fundamentals bundle containing the Fundamental paper packet, Complements, AND ribbon, at 40% off the retail price!
  • November is the perfect time to stock up on Fundamentals paper packets, Complements, and ribbon. With a bundle of coordinating products, you can craft with confidence, knowing that the parts and pieces of their projects match!

For Hostesses: When you host a party that reaches the third level of Hostess Rewards or higher (submitting your party order no later than December 5, 2017), you’ll receive a FREE Fundamentals bundle of your choice—that’s a $36.85 value, totally free!

For New Consultants: Anyone who becomes a Close To My Heart Consultant in November will receive a FREE Fundamentals bundle of their choice in their New Consultant Kit— that’s a $36.85 value, totally free!

November’s Stamp of the Month S1711– Through The Year

This set is a timeless Stamp of the Month for $17.95 or $5.00 with a $50.00 order.    Use it for scrapbooking, cardmaking, and/or calendar journaling. It would work for Bible journaling as well.  I have a wonderful treat for anyone who orders this stamp set, either full price or for the $5.00 with your $50.00 order!  Directions for an interactive scrapbook layout!  =) 

Here’s a wonderful layout made with this set.


Special Bonus in November – get this exclusive  layout kit and directions (electronically) when you purchase the November SOM at the $5 level ($50.00 purchase):


15+Wonderful Workshop guides, one of which can be yours free with qualifying purchase of $25.00!  Check it out whats current for this month!  Join my FB Customer Group to see all available workshops.   Most recent one added is the Whimsy Fundamental Scrapbooking Workshop, just in time to celebrate this awesome special this month.  =)

Join My Team  and receive a FREE Fundamental Bundle of your choice, value of $36.85.  It’s $75 to join CTMH. The contents of the Consultant kit are worth $164 AND you get $50.00 of Product Credit to pick out other papers/inks/stamps for a value of $214.  With the free f Plus there are lots of other great reasons to join – Check it out.  Love to have you as part of the team.  We are part of a wonderful group of ladies!!


Paper Pack of the Month – Silver and Gold.

This is another endless paper pack.  It does have some holiday themed designs, like the paper with words, but the back of it is neutral.

  • Events – check them out on my calendar.
  • Like My FB Page: Linda Creates 
  • Follow my blog: Linda Creates Blog
  • Join My Customer Special Peeps Group (Customers only, no consultants please).  In this group, you can see the different workshops in albums along with tracking the Great Cricut Giveaway.
  • C1716 Stronger Together – Disaster Relief – 100% of the profits are going to the American Red Cross to help those around the country who are suffering from the wild fires and hurricanes.  If you buy nothing else this month, please purchase this.  I make nothing from the purchase nor am I given sale credit, nor does it count towards sales for hostess credit, as we wanted the most amount of money possible to go to the American Red Cross.  This stamp set does not count towards the total for any special from me as the company does not give me credit for the sale.

Thanks for reading to the end of this email/post and taking up space in your mail box.  November is loaded with lots of fun and nostalgia as we approach the holiday season.  Take advantage of the “Just For Fun” special and stock up on your fundamentals as they are the ones you can use for any event or season!

Have you checked it out?

 Have you checked out it out?

I’m talking about the new Annual Inspirations?  If not, watch this great YouTube to view it:


Get your copy of the Annual Inspirations today by ordering it for $6.00 from my website.  If you’ve been part of my online ordering group, ordering over $100 this past 6 months, guess what?!  You’ll be getting yours in the mail FREE as a thank you for your loyalty.

August is an amazing month!  Here are the links to all of the great specials:

  • S1708 – School Year is a timeless Stamp of the Month for $17.95 or $5.00 with a $50.00 order.
  • Warehouse Sale – Every Tuesday, check out the new deals at 50% off. Great bundles!!
  • 10+Wonderful Workshop guides, one of which can be yours free with qualifying purchase of $25.00!  Check it out!  Join my FB Customer Group to see the available workshops.
  • Great Cricut Giveaway Event. $50.00 order is one entry into this drawing. Joining my team will get you entries. $3300.00 in prizes until we hit the goal of 39,000 points…read all about it!!  The party total is moving on up and we are 78 points away from the next big giveaway!! We are almost to the fourth giveaway!  Wow….over $500 in prizes given out now!
  • Join My Team and you can chose between any of our Cricut collections, the Thin Cuts Block Alphabet set and the matching stamps, or $99.00 in product credit, for FREE, when you reach $300 in sales by September 30!!!  Get Details.  It’s $75 to join CTMH. The contents of the Consultant kit are worth $164 AND you get $50.00 of Product Credit to pick out other papers/inks/stamps for a value of $214.  Plus there are lots of other great reasons to join – Check it out.
  • Jump for Joy.  Take a look at how our hostess program works and you’ll be jumping for joy!
  • The Seasonal Expressions 2  is live now until August 31, 2017!
  • Events – check them out on my calendar.
  • Like My FB Pages: Linda Creates and You’ve Got Oils
  • Join My Customer Special Peeps Group (Customers only, no consultants please).  In this group, you can see the different workshops in albums along with tracking the Great Cricut Giveaway.

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet.  I’m sure you feel in love with all the new products when you checked it out (the Annual Inspirations)!  Be sure to not miss out on an entry in the Great Cricut Giveaway, the Stamp of The Month for $5.00, and two Workshops of your choice if your order is over $50.00!!





Live Beautifully in depth

Live Beautifully in depth.

Live Beautifully is amazing paper and I wanted to take a post to just showcase how beautiful and amazing it is.   The paper has gold foil accents on some of it.  Two sheets of it are a white with gold polka dots and a white with the rose outline in gold.   Pretty, pretty!  Most of the paper is two-sided and they all have a zip-strip so you can use the little strip you cut off in your projects.

There are two of sheet of paper design in the pack.  I can think of so many different occasions this paper will work for. Proms, weddings, formal events, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and heritage pictures to name a few.  The papers are modern and retro at the same time.  Wait until you see the workshop layouts on my Class Page!

The stamp set is great and wait until you see the cards I made where I embossed the roses with a rose gold embossing powder I found during the Coffee Lover’s Blog Hop!  So pretty.  The stamps are large enough to work as titles on your scrapbooking pages or as cards.  I love the saying “she believed she could so she did”.  The power of your own thoughts.  The color of your roses can determine the message of your layout or your cards.  Definitely a stamp set that will be usable long past the Live Beautifully papers.

Check out my Seasonal Expressions 2 Walk Through on FB Live in my customer group (no consultants please).

May is a marvelous month!  Here are the links to all of the great specials:

  • National Scrapbooking Month is about Live Beautifully
  • S1705 – Live Love Laugh is a timeless Stamp of the Month for $17.95 or $5.00 with a $50.00 order.
  • The Seasonal Expressions 2  is live on May 1, 2017.  All new!
  • 5 Wonderful Workshop guides can be yours free with qualifying purchases!  Check it out!
  • Join My Team and you will receive one of the Live Beautifully Cut Above kits, valued at $44.95 ($45).  It’s $75 to join CTMH.  That’s $30 more dollars than the Cut Above Kit!!  The contents of the Consultant kit are worth $164 AND you get $50.00 of Product Credit to pick out other papers/inks/stamps for a value of $214.  Add the $45.00 for the Cut Above Live Beautifully kit, and you’ve got $259.00 in supplies for $75.00.  WOW.   Plus there are lots of other great reasons to join – Check it out.
  • Events – check them out on my calendar.
  • Great Cricut Giveaway Event…over $3300.00 in prizes until we hit the goal of 39,000 pts…read all about it!!  The party total is moving on up and we had our first prize giveaway!!  We are almost to the second giveaway!  We will be drawing for a 100 prize!  =)
  • Like My FB Pages: Linda Creates and You’ve Got Oils
  • Join My Customer Special Peeps Group (Customers only, no consultants please)

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet.   I hope you enjoyed checking out the Live Beautifully paper and stamp set for National Scrapbooking Month!





It’s May and It’s New!

It’s May and It’s New!

May is here.  Spring has skipped us and summer heat and humidity is settling in.  It’s National Scrapbooking Month bringing the Live Beautifully collection.  Wait to see all the options you have for ordering this, including some amazing workshops.   The Seasonal Expressions 2 is now live with amazing products.

Get your copy of the Seasonal Expressions 2, free, when you place an order on my shopping website: SHOP NOW. As you are checking out, you’ll be offered the option to accept a free copy of the Seasonal Expressions and they’ll ship it directly to you.

Come to my Open House on May 13th from 3-7pm, Free Create and Take. Check out the new product and classes. Win some prizes. Have fun. RSVP through this FB event: OPEN HOUSE.

Don’t forget it’s Teacher Appreciate Week, either this week or the week coming up.  Make your child’s teacher(s) something special.


National Scrapbooking Month and Live Beautifully

The best thing about our National Scrapbooking Month Special, Live Beautifully, is all the different ways you can get this amazing paper. The Cut Above kit is simple to do and a great way to get some pages done quickly. The paper is stunning. See the five different workshops I’ll be offering this month when you purchase $25.00 of the workshop supplies from my website.  Check Workshops Out.

For Customers:

During the month of May, we are offering three exclusive new products to celebrate National Scrapbooking Month: the Live Beautifully paper packet:

 the My Acrylix® Live Beautifully stamp set:

the Cut Above™ Live Beautifully layout kit:

These three options which helps you create five complete scrapbook layouts in half the time! Buy these exclusive products separately, or buy an album bundle with the new Cut Above layout kit to save 20%. Or you can also just buy it all!

For hostesses:

Host a party in May that reaches the third level of Hostess Rewards or higher (and submit your party order by June 5, 2017), and receive the Cut Above™Live Beautifully layout kit(CC1212A) for FREE!

For new Consultants:

Become a Close To My Heart Consultant in May and receive the Cut Above™ Live Beautifully layout kit (CC1212A) for FREE!

As I mentioned earlier, I have 5 different workshops you can do with these amazing products.  When you place your order for workshop supplies, you can choose which workshop you want for FREE (electronic files) with a $25.00 order.

Check Workshops Out


 Paper of the Month:  Little Dreamer

This paper looks like May.   May Day is May 1 and it’s a day to celebrate Spring.  Look at the bright colors in the paper.  It’s “happy” paper.

You have several different option for using these papers with different Workshops Your Way.


May Stamp of the Month S1705 Live Love Laugh

Calling all coloring fanatics! This is the SOM for you! Got a friend who loves coloring, get this set as a gift or to make cards/pages for them to color. “Live, Love, Laugh” is a saying that’s been around for a while. It’s amazing how these words can fit into so many situations and celebrate so many different relationships.

Get this D-size Stamp of the Month set for $17.95 OR for a deal, $5.00 with a minimum qualifying purchase of $50.00! Add the stamp set to your cart on this page at full retail price or, with your qualifying order, add it at checkout for the promotional price.

Set of 9 stamps
Recommended My Acrylix® blocks:
1″ × 1″ (Y1000), 2″ × 2″ (Y1003), 1″ × 6½” (Y1005), 2″ × 3½ (Y1009), 2″ × 6½” (Y1010)


Curious about Essential Oils?

Essential Oils have been life changing for my family and I. Sign up for my educational email to learn a little bit more about them and how they work. *Join Now!*

Join my Essential Oils 101 Class on May 8th and 9th at 8pm EDT in my FB Group: You’ve Got Oils Now What?. Join Class  There is no commitment purchase anything. Just to come and learn. =)


May is an amazing month!  Here are the links to all of the great specials:

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet.   I hope your first day of May is wonderful!



New Seasonal Expressions 1

New Seasonal Expressions 1:


Here it is and here’s how you can look at it online – Click Here.  It’s chock full of new stuff and I love the Sugar Rush gems.  Bling and glitter – I love them!

New Papers:

There are four new paper kits for Spring.  The shades of the paper reflect colors we associate with Spring and some fun as well.

Hello Lovely:

Perfect for weddings, babies, bridal/baby showers, Mothers’ Day, a birthday, and more.

Sugar Rush:

This fun paper is great for Valentine’s Day, celebrating any relationship with someone you love (spouse, significant other, kids, pets), special place to eat, donuts, and more!

Dreaming Big:

With colors that are subtle and bold (add black and it’s amazing), this paper is for your dreams or anyone’s dreams or adventures.  So many different uses.

Some Kind of Wonderful:

Bold, bright papers to reflect some of the more vivid colors of Spring and life’s little adventures.  Celebrate friendships, pets, outside events, and more.

I love having new papers to create with.  There is so much  more in this new Seasonal Expressions.  When you place and order on my website, you’ll get the chance to add it to your cart for FREE!

Be the hostess with the mostess!

Being a hostess is a great way to get some of your product or all of it for free!!  Hosting a catalog show, on-line Facebook show, or an in-home gathering (if you don’t want to use your home, you can use mine) is fun and easy.


Here’s what you can earn free (this is not necessarily what you would select but an idea of what you could select at different levels):


And best of all, I love this exclusive Hostess Bundle:

So let’s get your gathering scheduled today!  Email me at info@lindacreates.com.

And if you want it all, join my team!  We’d love to have you as a part of our fun and creative group plus you’ll get your supplies at a discount!  Your cost to join is $75 with $50.00 of that as Select Product Credit to choose the supplies you want in your kit!  Who can beat that??

I hope you take some time to check out the new Seasonal Expressions 1 online today.  Have a creative day!






May is National Scrapbooking Month!

National Scrapbooking Month—Happy Times

Linda 2 Happy Times FB Cover

Happy times can be yours during the month of May because it’s National Scrapbooking Month, and we’re offering an exciting promotion to celebrate! With a qualifying purchase of $60, you can get the exclusive Happy Times paper packet for FREE! This fun paper packet, which is available for one month only, features floral designs, gold foil details, and more!


You can also purchase this exclusive paper packet at full retail for $14.95 with no purchase requirement. Additionally, we’ve designed a coordinating D-size stamp set, My Acrylix® Happy Times, to go with the paper packet, which you can purchase for $17.95. There’s never been a better time to treat yourself to some beautiful new paper!


Dates: Offer valid May 1, 2016 (9:00 am MDT) – May 31, 2016 (11:59 pm MDT).

All Those Albums – 25% off – Need I say more???


May’s Stamp of the Month: S1605 Celebrate with Cake $17.95 or $5.00 with a $50.00 purchase.


Time to celebrate some birthdays with this great stamp set that works for both cards and scrapbook layouts.




Be sure to come and join us on May 7 CropTastic for the National Scrapbooking Day Crop.  This is a very low key crop where you can purchase the awesome Happy Times paper or any of the new Seasonal Expressions 2 papers as we get ready for our Open House.  RSVP via the FB Event.

We’ll launch the Seasonal Expressions 2 on May 14, 2016 from 12-6.  Earn tickets to win various door prizes.  RSVP, bring a friend, tickets for every friend in your car, new to me friends, purchases, and more!  RSVP via the FB Event.

May CropTastic will happen on May 28th, 2016.  See the CropTastic Page for more details. RSVP via the Facebook event.

Thanks for stopping by!

February bring a focus on Operation Smile

I love Operation Smile and this month CTMH does Share the Love” as it’s February Constant Campaign.


Share the love this February by purchasing the exclusive My Acrylix® Share the Love D-size stamp set (CC1060). Filled with adorable icons and loveable sentiments, this stamp set will be a beautiful addition to your collection—but there is more to this stamp set than meets the eye! Not only will you be getting a high-quality, swoon-worthy stamp set by taking part in this promotion, but Close To My Heart will also donate $7 USD of the proceeds from this stamp set to Operation Smile™, an amazing organization that provides surgeries to repair cleft lips and palates for children all over the world!* Check out our social media channels all month long to see this stamp set in action, and remember to post your own artwork using the hashtag #ctmhsharethelove to help bring attention to a wonderful and worthy cause


The February Stamp of the Month is S1602 Balloon Animals and it’s super cute:

Linda 2016_02 SOM Collage

The Giveaway with a $25.00 order this month:


Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you soon!

What fun we had Open House

What fun we had at the Open House.  We tried out new products we normally don’t experiment with: Base and Bling, Picture My Life Cards, and the new watercolors!!  There was lots of new product to look at and play with:image

Lots of new samples to see.  A few make and takes:



Hard at work learning to use watercolors.


Playing with Picture My Life Cards and making regular cards out of them!!  Look at this awesome card Tricia made:


Base and Bling station showed everyone how fun and easy it was to make key chain gifts!!


Good friends and laughter is priceless!  Thanks to everyone who came by to take a look!