Travel in Style

Travel in Style!

Boy, the last week has kicked my butt!  Between having the flu or stomach virus for a week plus the fridgid temps over here on the East Coast, I’ve been living in front of our pellet stove.  We are suppose to reach a warm, balmy 30 degrees F, a very welcome feel  vs the single digits with an even lower “feels like” and wind chill.  On to much more fun things.   It’s time to travel in style!

I love the look of these pieces. Chic.  And I love that they are a size that is manageable for a short person!  Let’s take a look at what these two bags hold.  First – paper.  “Have paper, will travel” is the motto for most scrapbookers.  Take this case and I use the word “case” because it’s stiff, not soft.  Not quite like a like a hard case suitcase but close.

Add this paper insert:

And you get this:

Be still my beating heart, right?  Paper to go in an “easy to access” set-up.  Keeps the paper save from being bent while in travel.  Depending how much you stuff in there.  No paper crafter I know would over-stuff the bag. You have to love it.

In the second bag, there is so many possibilities.  Look at this:

Swoon!!  We used to have these great organizer mesh bags many moons ago.  I treasure the ones I have, as well as the other pieces that go with it.  Now this is amazing.  Let’s look at these pieces.  First up – your on-the-go stamp case!

I only need to take a few stamps I’m using for projects when I go cropping.  I don’t need all of them. The plastic cases can stay at home and stay protected.  I’ve broken a few of the plastic boxes by dropping them.  =(  Next, your new marker holder for the Shin Touch Alcohol Markers (although most alcohol markers should fit in them):

Here’s the block organizer:

And the tool organizer:

This little cutie holds the new stamp pads:


Pretty sweet, right.  To make it easier on our backs to move things around:

Of course, good quality products are never cheap and CTMH has an answer for everyone.  Be a host and have a $350 Home Gathering and you can get this as a hostess bundle at 50% off!

Now is the time to contact me to host a catalog, Facebook, or in home gathering to be able to get this amazing collection through a Hostess bundle for 50% off!!  Check out this great YouTube CTMH did to walk you through the pieces:

Amazing!  Love it.  Gotta have it.  =)

January things to keep in mind:

Thanks for stopping by to checkout my creative world. Stay warm and get ready to travel in style!

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