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You’ve Got Oils

You’ve Got Oils

As some of you know, I took a leap of faith (desperation might be the more correct term) and started trying out using essential oils for more than diffusing around the house. I tried using the doTerra Cleanse to help manage some internal gut issues.  Much to my surprise and delight, they worked!  After three months, I noted there were some other positive side effects.  After 5 months some irregular blood work came back normal.  This was the beginning of my oily journey. =)


It has helped me so much, I consider it life changing.  It amazed me that I could take essential oils internally.  My family benefits from using oil instead of over the counter medications or prescriptions.   I love Deep Blue for helping me with the after effects of my car accident.  Learn how oils can help you out:

  • Wellness Consultation with an iTovi for a 1:1 meeting to help you assess your situation and determine where to start.  Contact Me
  • Classes with your friends and family on how to use the oils for you and your friends/family. These are informational only as doTERRA is not a party plan.  There is no obligation to buy.  Contact Me
  • A free education group on FB even if you don’t have a wholesale membership to doTERRA yet.  Click here for the group link.
  • A VIP Group on FB where you can learn about the wholesale membership and how it works. Get three free oil samples when you complete all 5 albums.   Click here for the group link.
  • If you decide you want to try oils, our wholesale membership gives you 25% off your products, no buying requirements/minimums, and access to several wonderful groups of very knowledgeable oil users, including medical professionals.  You are never alone and there is lots of help with the Got Oils Team.
  • New to the idea of oils, would like to learn more, with no pressure? I have a free Educational Email Series – Join Now
  • Free eBook on Essential Oils for Beginners – Sign Up Now
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Don’t know where to start?

The beginner’s trio of lavender, lemon and peppermint is a great start.  Contact me for a consultation.  We’ll identify your top three area you’d like to address and work on those.   If you like what you see, call me and you can join for the wholesale membership.  Take charge of your wellness today!!  You’ll never regret it!


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